IMS Pro Series Footpegs

Manufatured from heat treated cast 17-4 stainless steel. Stronger than the average rock that means they are super strong and will last longer than the foot that sits on it or knee that gets cut by it. These footpegs are sharp did I say that before ! Longer and wider than most stock footpegs, raised teeth on the outside edge for traction, powder coated interior, and polished exterior.

Part #
KX125 02-05
KX250 02-04
KXF250 06-08
KXF450 (2008)
RM 125 03-04
RM 250 03-04
YZ 125/250 99-06
YZF 250/426/450 99-06
All Models 98-03

Revised 3/2/09-112