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Plow Blade
  • Strongest, toughest ATV plow on the market
  • Formed from 11-gauge steel and features replaceable blade wear bars
  • Blade curve design provides better snow/dirt roll-off at any angle
  • Highly visible yellow blade increases plowing safety
  • Heavy-duty, round-cupped blade skids are adjustable and allow travel in all directions
  • Standard blade is a wide 50" and clears a 44" swath when angled; keeps more of your ATV's tires running in a clear swath for better traction and quicker pace
  • 60" blade is designed for larger, more powerful ATVs, clearing a whopping 53" swath when angled
  • Wide 3" wear bars for longer life
  • 72" blade is designed for quads 500 cc and larger, and clears a 64" swath when angled
  • Optional 60" rubber plow flap is available
  • Mounting frames constructed of 1" square tubing with heavy steel mounting plates
  • All blades fit all mount kits
  • All plow blades swivel left or right to any of five positions
  • Blades and mount kits sold separately; replaceable blade wear bar also sold separately
Standard Blades Part #
50" 961804
55" 961802
60" 961805
72" 961803

County Blades Part #
50" 961806
60" 961807

Moose County Plow Features:

  • Wing design is based on the high-speed plows used to keep the highways open
  • Wing end of plow measures 26" tall and tapers down to 16"
  • Thick rubber plow flap helps keep snow from blowing up and into your face
County Plow
ATV Mounts

Push Bar

Mounting Brackets
New Style Extended Lift
Push Tube (93 Series)
Part #961832 Spacer 93 Push Tube
Bottom Mount
(93 Series)
Application Chart
93 Mount

Note: you MUST have a matching 93 series push tube and mount

Series 93 is the Extended Lift System.
Series 93 offers:
  • Increased ground clearance of 13" to 14" when used with a winch or electric lift kit or 10" to 12" when used with the new Moose universal hand lift.
  • Provides more ground clearance after the plow blade is removed for the summer.
  • The new design includes angled ears that are stronger and more damage resistant when occasional contact is made with rocks or logs.
for ATVs w/o winches
Moose Electric Lift System
Part #961110
Lift Options

1) Winch Lift
2) Moose Electric
3) Manual Lift
4) Manual EZ Lift

Warn Winch
Winch List
Warn Winch
  • Lifts plow with the touch of a button
  • Steel pulley and mounting bracket will take years of everyday use
  • 1/8" steel cable comes with an adjustable end, threaded for precise adjustment
  • Comes with handlebar-mount switch
  • Includes relay to prevent lift from operating when key is in "off" position
Elctric Lift Kit
Plow Acceccories

Side Sheild
Part #962010

Top Snow Flap
Part #962015

Plow Markers
Part #962020

Wear Blades
Special Order

Universal Manual Lift Kit
Part #962195
Spacer Plow
Manual EZ Lift Kits
Application Chart
  • Rack-mounted lift system lifts plow blade a full 8" higher than other manual lift kits
  • Spring-assist for quick-and-easy lifting
  • Steel mounting plate with 3/8" steel lifting arms
  • Heavy-duty lift pivot with grease fitting
The Manual Lift Standard is a specific fit for each machine, it is mounted on the left side of the gas tank on most machines.
The Universal Manual Lift Kit is a universal application for most machines, it is mounted on the left underside of the machine.